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A Board Game


Build a perfect island habitat with your fellow bird enthusiasts.

Birds of a feather flock together... right?

What's the Game?

'Isle of Feathers' is a competitive tile placement game for 2-4 players about building a beautiful island and populating it with weird and wonderful birds.

You will stack tiles and place tokens to build beaches, cliffs, and forests, and carefully mould the perfect island habitat for your birds. However, real estate is limited and every bird is unique, so players must jostle for position and stymie each others' plans to get their birds on the table before the time runs out.

Planning ahead will be essential, and conflict is unavoidable (and perhaps, encouraged).

Strategic but rules-light, 'Isle of Feathers' is quick to learn and can easily be played from start to finish in fifteen minutes.
With a wealth of species to discover, and a unique island every time you play, you'll want to visit the Isle of Feathers again and again.

How do I Play?

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What does it look like?

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Who Are We?

Based in Brisbane, we're two recently-engaged people who want to combine our love of animals with our love of party games.
We hope you like our game.

Daniel Galbraith

Dan is a programmer and technical artist who likes wearing as many different hats as possible. He's very tall, and really loves cats. Previously, he worked at Mountains, Spunge, and on a co-op party game about parenting called Think of the Children.

Juno Schaaffhausen Te'o

Juno is a recent architectural graduate with a keen interest in visual design. Unlike Daniel, she is of average height, but is equally a fan of cats. This is Juno's first foray into the world of game design.

"The hell is a Spectacled Palm-lurker?"
- Jade
"This game makes me want to be a bird." - Jesse, brother
"Not as terrifying as I expected it to be" - Lily, housemate
"I hate the name 'grebe'. You should put one in." - James, coworker
"Some of these birds are actually fairly believable..." - Sam, zoologist
"...are you telling me this is a real bird?" - Fraser, friend and test subject
"You could almost claim this is educational." - David, teacher
"Eh, I've played worse." - Tyler, psychologist

What's in the Box?

Game Components and fun stuff

When can i Get it?

'Isle of Feathers' is currently in preproduction. We're in the process of testing and refining the game, and talking with possible manufacturers and distributors, with aim to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the coming months.


Testing the game mechanics, establishing the overall narrative, and mocking up lots of incremental versions of the game.


The current stage. Setting up spreadsheets and rendering pipelines, and conducting rigorous playtesting sessions.


With manufacturing and distribution established, we seek to raise funds for a full print run.


The game goes out from the distributor, out into the world.

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